Google has been voted multiple times as one of the best working environments in the world. A lot of this achievement can be credited to Laszlo Bock and his team who have seen the company grow its employees from 6000 to 60,000 in a little over ten years. Here is a list of the best business management tips straight from Google.

Everyone Is Important

For employees to be at their best, going to work needs to mean more than just that. It has to be connected to a higher purpose. Also, every team leader needs to make this clear and give opportunities to all his members. This way, everyone feels seen in the company, hence finding it more comfortable with tapping into their full potential at work.

Get Some Competition on Your Team

One of Bock’s strategy when hiring has been to put quality first. This means finding people who can do the same job you do but in a better way. The goal is to make sure that the business is always getting fresher talent.

Development Vs Performance Reviews

Your employees should not only hear about their performance reviews when you are talking about the company’s development. Having such tendencies reduces the meaning of constructive criticism. Make performance discussions frequent so that they do not become a surprise every time you bring them up.

Pay Well and as Per Performances

Google does not pay all its employers the same. There have been cases where an employer received around a million euros in the stock award and another around £10,000. This gap aims to give the same importance to elite performances as elite players in sports. Altogether, the company is still known for paying its employees well with great benefits such as free good lunch.

To sum it all up, Google aims to keep its environment fun and innovative, which has proven to be quite beneficial for business.